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English Suomeksi Saksaksi

About Hunting Minds

We are passionate people helping our customers to renew leadership teams’, boards' and leaders' thinking and behavior. Our values constitute the base for our thinking and acting: leading your mind, passion and renewing thinking and acting. Here are some of the reasons why companies have chosen to work with us:

  • Deep understanding: Hunting Minds focuses exclusively on leadership team, leader and board evaluations, development and research.
  • Excellent people with broad experience: International experience of over 300 leadership teams. All Mind Hunters have been members and/or leaders in leadership teams/boards themselves and have significant consulting experience.
  • Our research and unique tools: We have developed unique leadership evaluation and development tools based on our research.
  • Excellent feedback: Leading customers provide great feedback and insights.

Customers have been providing us feedback on how they have benefited from working with Hunting Minds. For instance, they have been able to;

  • execute their chosen strategies faster
  • renew leadership teams and enable their effectiveness
  • understand more about human mind, and thus getting better results in leading teams and individuals
  • focus better on the most important business matters
  • share Hunting Minds’ extensive experience and knowledge of leadership teams
  • articulate real development needs by utilising Hunting Minds’ practical tools
  • obtain concrete and practical future recommendations and
  • individual leaders have been able to lead their mind better. 

To find out more please contact us.

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