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English Suomeksi Saksaksi

Hunting Minds online tools

Do you value fast and reliable analysis?

We have developed a unique set of online services and virtual tools and methods based on our extensive research, helping you aim your development effort. Please contact Helena Åhman or rokmind.fi for further information.

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Leadership Team Success Index evaluates a leadership team ideal and current state from the following perspectives:

  • Leadership team's internal functioning
  • Leadership team's influence on the organisation and stakeholders (customers, personnel and co-operation with the board), also external evaluators
  • Leadership team leader's success factors
  • Member's success factors and mind measure
  • Organisation and work satisfaction
  • Language versions: English, German, Finnish

Strategic Execution Analysis assesses leaders’ or leadership teams’ ability to execute strategy from perspectives most crucial to your strategy implemention, e.g. (content is always tailored according to your needs):

  • Strategic business abilities
  • Strategic leadership abilities
  • Leadership team abilities
  • Strategic thinking skills
  • Innovation leadership
  • Execution abilities
  • Language versions: English, German, Finnish

Board Success Index looks into the board in question and its ability to co-operate with the executive team:

  • Board's strategic abilities and thinking, functioning
  • Co-operation with the executive team, also leadership team members evaluate
  • Language versions: English, Finnish

Board Member Evaluation gives board members individual feedback. Areas are always tailored, e.g.:

  • Strategic visioning
  • Strategic thinking
  • Ability to coach the management
  • Language versions. English, Finnish and Germany

Management and Leadership Audits are effective in pre- and post mergers and acquisitions, and in building leadership teams:

  • Leadership and management audits
  • Language versions: English, German, Finnish

Meeting Monitoring Tool helps you to develop your meeting practices

  • Meetings’ content and effectiveness 
  • Enhancing strategy implementation
  • Thinking and interaction
  • Language versions: English, Finnish

Individual Tools

  • Self Leadership tool for personal coaching
  • Work Personality Inventory (by PhD Petteri Niitamo)
  • Other individual evaluation methods
  • Language versions: English, German, Finnish, partly Swedish and French

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