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Mind Leadership in Organization, book by Helena Åhman, has been published in Finnish in May 2012 and in English July 2014 by SanomaPro.

The book won SEFE's literature prize as the best business book in Finland 2011-2012.


Åhman, Helena. 2008. Crazy leaders – and what you should know about the human mind. Kirjapaja.

In her latest book, Åhman provides intriguing views on leaders’ mind and argues we all have some positive and negative crazy aspects. (Available only in Finnish.)
“Every leader should be an expert of human mind – are you?”

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Vatanen, Annika & Åhman Helena. 2007. Management team success. Exploring the effects of multilevel success factors. Research report. Hunting Minds.

Extensive research of almost 800 participants and over 440 leaders to explore management team success factors
“If you wish to know what makes a management team successful and what kind of management teams really make profit, you should read this research”

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Åhman, Helena. 2006. The importance of leadership in mergers and acquisitions. Research report. Hunting Minds.

Financial expertise is of crucial importance in mergers and acquisitions. However, the role of leadership is often underestimated. Hunting Minds research in association with Fairchild provide insightful thoughts on the importance of leadership in mergers and acquisitions.
“Are you sure you know what kind of impact leadership plays in mergers and acquisitions?”

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 Åhman, Helena, Bärlund, Aija & Vatanen, Annika. 2007. Winning leadership teams – seven steps to future success. WSOYpro

A great overview of the steps to become a successful leadership team. (Available only in Finnish.)
“Hundreds of leadership teams have found this book extremely useful, very practical and mind awakening”

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Åhman Helena & Runola, Jyrki. 2006. Strategy is dead? Long live the future. Edita.

This book is an innovative approach to strategy asking what kind of strategy is needed in the changing world. It also describes how brand and strategy are connected. (Available only in Finnish.)
“Fascinating and revolutionary thoughts on strategy work”

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Åhman, Helena. 2004. Successful leadership – Challenge yourself. WSOY

This practical book reflects on different aspects of business leadership, challenging directors and managers to renew their thinking and, consequently, their approach to doing business. Åhman's text is complemented by views from a number of successful executives. The book also features quotes from interviews made by the author for her doctoral thesis. (Available only in Finnish.)
“Some leaders have even argued “Successful Leadership – Challenge yourself” is the best leadership book they have read”.

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