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About Hunting Minds

We are passionate people learning new perspectives all the time, and helping our customers to renew leadership teams’, boards' and leaders' way to lead themselves and their organizations. Our deep understanding, excellent people and broad experience are some of the reasons why companies have chosen to work with us.

Our partners:

DSc in Economics, Mr. Kari Neilimo participates in practical leadership team development processes with Helena Åhman. Kari Neilimo has worked as Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of SOK Corporation 2002-2007, Professor of Strategic Management and Professor of Financial Accounting, Dean of the Department of Business Administration as well as Visiting Professor of several European Universities. He has also been Researcher of the Academy of Finland. He has been Director of MBA-education program of Tampere University and Tampere Technical University. Additionally, he is author of several publications. Kari Neilimo is chairman and member of executive and supervisory boards of many companies. He has been granted the highest honorary title by the President of Finland for his achievements.

Leenamaija Otala has a Ph.D. in Engineering from Aalto University, Finland and a Dr. h.c. in International Business Studies from University of Derby, UK. She has visited many other universities as a teacher of leadership. She also works as a consultant, expert, and advisor in business organizations. Her teaching and consulting focus on leadership, competence strategies, learning and developing a learning organization, competitiveness, well-being at work, and leading and developing cognitive resources. Dr. Otala has also studied board work, carried out numerous board evaluations and acted as a board member of many business and educational organizations. She has published over 20 books and numerous articles on leadership, learning and competence management.

MSc (Economics), MSc (Forestry), Mr. Rainer Häggblom has worked as Managing Director and Chairman of Jaakko Pöyry Consulting. He has also held several board positions within the Pöyry Group and in other consulting companies. Rainer Häggblom has participated in strategy and investment planning and merger and acquisition assignments in more than 50 countries and for a wide variety of companies. He has been a Board member of CPBIS (The Center for Paper Business and Industry Studies) at Georgia Tech University. He is also Chairman and Founder of Vision Hunters Ltd Oy, a management consulting company specialised in process industries, and Chairman of Board of Forest Fund Ltd. as well as Häggblom & Partners Ltd Oy.

Ms. Mikaela Nyström is MSc (Adult Education) and BSc (business administration). She is also a certified coach. Nyström has over 20 years experience in global HRD, executive level resourcing and talent management as well as executive coaching. Her working languages are English, Swedish and Finnish. During her career she has worked in various global senior and leadership team positions at Nokia: as HRD Director for Markets, Director of Executive Resourcing and Talent Management and as Business HRD director, as well as HR/D Manager for Haka Corporation.

Nyström has held several positions of trust, e.g. in Action learning association and in Academy of Economics (Svenska Handelsläroverket) and has gained certifications in managing organisational change, virtual team management and team development.